Open Call Selection

Rotterdam-based artist Mikołaj Stojanowicz will present his work (IM)PERMANENT: it is a speculative art exploration of the identity of the in-between. Taking form as a ruin of an idol sculpture, it reflects on the liminal identity of our times and acts as a commentary on themes of nihilism and hauntology. The use of archetypes from previous eras will explore how digitality has influenced every aspect of our lives. 

The work is situated in the anxious, insecure, and transformative space between the contemporary and the future, finding purpose in serving as fertile ruins for the post-future archaics from which they can create a new world. It looks to bring greater understanding of the meaning of things in our transitional time and provide a creative engagement with the uncertain future. 

Growing up in the Soviet apartment blocks, Mikołaj Stojanowicz was heavily influenced by the internet and video games which has had a big impact on his work. In his work, Mikolaj strives to create a balance between a calculated form of language and the chaos of imperfection, making his works detached from a specific time. Through hıs way of working, he creates relationships between online and offline, digital and non-digital, and material and immaterial. Anyone who has grown up in the digital culture can recognize the pixelated abstracted imagery of his figures.

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