MOMO Festival

Ilse van der Laan (NL)

The works, that artist Ilse van der Laan (1981) makes in the public space, are usually established through a 1 on 1 meeting with her audience. The search in the memory of a special person or place is the central topic. In the drawing “Dance till your feet hurt” (150 x 240 cm) a dancer is the symbol for the nightlife in our city during the recession in the 20s. In that period many people of Rotterdam danced in an alternative club in the Hofbogen. Her research into the history of the Hofbogen has led to several works and exhibitions.

During Motel Mozaïque Ilse lets “La Belle Epoque” revive. Van der Laan will capture the unique atmosphere of the festival in her drawings. A selection of the works will be displayed after the festival on our website.

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