MOMO Festival

Het Spreekuur (NL)

A Scream for Discussion*

Motel Mozaique’s arts programmer Anton Hoeksema introduces ‘Het Spreekuur’ (Consultation). He wants this edition not to pass without paying attention to the vulnerable position in which the arts and culture sector is in at the moment. The Consultation offers festival visitors the possibility to talk to an expert (1-on-1) from the sector. The goal is to get the visitors involved in the problems and future of (Rotterdam) arts and culture sector, including Motel Mozaique, and to show what potential there is in this unique city .. No lamentation, but dialogue from involvement / engagement and thinking in perspective.

Are you interested? You are able to subscribe to one of the following experts here.

Alia Azzouzi (vh Kosmopolis), Aruna Vermeulen (HipHopHuis), Gyz la Riviere (artist), Lennart Pieters (spoken word), Pieter Kuster (area developer), René Dutrieux (schouwburgplein), Jongerenraad RRKC, Kim Heinen (Rotterdam Marketing), Cor Kraat (artist), Vers Beton (online magazine), HENK Cultureel Projectbureau, Yousra Bouzidi (teacher sociology), Studio ZI, Timon Ferenc de Laat (creator), Ronald Motta (artist), Observatorium and Anton Hoeksema.

The Consultation will take place in the hall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg in the artwork Stageabiltiy by Ivo Lady and Michiel Jansen on Friday, April 5th from 16:00 – 23:00 and Saturday, April 6th from 12:30 – 23:00. Conversations will last 30 or 60 minutes.

* Master Thesis Soraya Putman, KCW Erasmus University, 2011.

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