MOMO Festival

HENK Cultureel Projectbureau (NL)

HENK Cultureel Projectbureau Agency for Cultural Projects is the helping hand for the art and cultural institutions of Rotterdam. Robin Duinker and Soraya Putman are HENK. These young cultural scientists developed a helicopter view on the sectors art, literature, film, cultural heritage, arts and cultural education during their studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The roots of HENK lie in the love for the city and a need for a positive approach to the ‘cultural demolition’. HENK wants to offer a reliable partner to the cultural life of Rotterdam.

At Motel Mozaïque HENK supports the visual arts programmer, Anton Hoeksema, at ‘het Spreekuur’ (the Consultation). During the festival visitors can subscribe to a consultation with HENK. In addition, the agency writes a reflection report about the Consultation.


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