MOMO Festival

Hayvanlar Alemi (TR)

Ever since our very first edition, bands and artists from all over the world have performed on Motel Mozaique. However, Hayvanlar Alemi is the first Turkish band that we can welcome to our festival. These men have remained a well kept secret both insde and outside the borders of Turkey since their formation in 1999. After spreading numerous songs and CD-R’s via the internet, the band awed those who came across their album ‘Super Guarana Power’. Nearly fifty years after the rise of Anatolian rock, a mix of Turkish folk and psych rock, Hayvanlar Alemi introduces the new millennium to psychedelic guitars and deafening drones. Don’t be put off by the unpronouncable band name and the fully instrumental tracks: Hayvanlar Alemi’s cosmic sound will ravish anyone and everyone.


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