Saturday 15 April

20:30 - 21:30, Theater Rotterdam - Grote Zaal

MOMO Festival 2023

Hania Rani

Together with the up-and-coming alternative pop and rock artists, every year MOMO Festival exhibits the most exciting names in the Post-Classical music genre.

After her expansive and cinematic sophomore album “Home” (2020), the award-winning pianist and composer Hani Rani has been acclaimed all over the world. In this record, the Polish musician started to expand her palate: adding vocals and subtle electronics to her piano composition as well as being accompanied by more instrumentation.
Always in-between classical, ambient and avantgarde, Rani’s music and the connection with her piano generate an enchanted atmosphere, be it immersed in nature, in a royal theatre or at the historical KEXP studios.

In the past two years, Hania has been working on many collaborations, compositions and film scores; she’s currently working on a new album and preparing for a big international tour.

“Music always brought me a lot of freedom. I didn’t feel too much pressure. The core, the essence of music brought me joy, peace, and freedom.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “THEATRE ART LIFE”

“The relationship with home that Rani chases through the LP is constantly transforming: at times a breathless fluttering and at others a sorrowful slow dance, a river widening before it reaches the sea. Suddenly you’re there, toes in the sand, a cool and quiet breeze washing over your face and realising that like the sea, the idea of home doesn’t have to be a physical space, it can be so much bigger than that. It’s a story of leaving somewhere familiar but finding comfort elsewhere on the journey by happenstance, making the case that what we consider to be home isn’t always something you can find by looking.” ALBUM REVIEW BY “THE LINE OF BEST FIT”

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