MOMO Festival

Hang The DJ, hosted by St. Paul (NL)

Hang The DJ. An initiative by DJ St. Paul. Earlier editions were afterparties for Morrissey and Belle & Sebastian. At last year’s Motel Mozaique the foyer of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg was the ultimate dance off of the festival. The idea of Hang The DJ is simple. The best indiepop. Of all times. Felt, Django Django, The Smiths, Girls, The Feelies, Metronomy. Names like that. For a brand new Motel Mozaique dance floor.

She started shakin ‘to That fine fine music
You know her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll

St. Paul on Motel Mozaique Motel. Dancing with a motto. Burn down the disco and hang the blessed DJ!

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