MOMO Festival

Green Soul City tour

“Sous le pave: la plage – under the pavement lies the beach … and around the corner is a garden. ”

Freedom is space and you only can find space in the city when you look up into the air. Or not? Maybe freedom lies under your feet? Together with the Groene Loper Motel Mozaique takes you on a Green Soul City tour. It is a fantasy tour through the city starting with a handful of seeds and a handful of sand. You will end up in a world of waving grain, green dreams and real seeds.

Green Soul City tours are expeditions trough the green soul of the city.


Sign up for this trip and send an email to gidsentocht@motelmozaique.nl.

Please include the name of the tour, date and time when you want to join. You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible!

You can register for a tour until Thursday the 4th, 23:59, after that you can register at the Guidedesk during openinghours.
Tour sold out? Come by the desk 15 min. before the tour starts and see if there are last minute cancellations!

This program is made possible by Imagine 2020 – Art and Climate Change

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