Grande Loge

Reach Out Experience

In Covid time, we cleanse ourselves more often than ever, but do we cleanse ourselves enough spiritually?
How do we arm ourselves against the virus of emptiness and boredom? Happy…
There, too, Grande Loge brings salvation to the wandering spirit. Traditions turn out to be more enduring than novelty. Ancient gods are steadfast.
Join Grande Loge and feel the warmth glow within your soul. And perpetuate.

Healing Team

Master Tjon Rockon (master of rituals)
Broeder MIQUEAS (master of beats)
Zuster Fuegoomamii (master of wordsmithing)
Broeder Ivan Winter (master of hair)
Zuster T#1 (master of movement)
Broeder Adison dos Reis (Snakemaster)
Broeder Linar OG (master of medicine)
Zuster T#2 (master of movement)
Zuster T#3 (master of movement)

Grande Loge is a performance collective with stories, torries, poku’s, takkies and other shit for brozilians and millennials. And for those who want to know more about life…

You can see Grande Loge on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September 2020 during MOMO Fabrique.

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