Saturday 2 September

22:30 - 23:30, Perron

MOMO 2023

Gold Panda

Hailing from Chelmsford in Essex, Gold Panda started his activity as producer in 2009, years in which he developed his trademark nostalgic downbeat techno with the award winning and zeitgeist-defining debut record “Lucky Shiner” (2010). After a nomadic follow up and a third record that found himself re-centering himself emotionally and musically via a spell in the far east, 2022 sees the return of Gold Panda with his fourth record: “The Work”. 

In this new album, Gold Panda’s Japanese-influenced loops mix with lo-fi hip hop beats and melancholic samples, like an out of tune piano or a record player: the result is an immersive listening experience.

“It’s a gorgeous, multi-textured record that’s lovely and welcoming. From the gentle opener, “Swimmer”, Derwin Schlecker sets a sun-dappled tone and maintains a comforting sound for the album. Humanity and kindness emanate from these beautiful tunes, which show off Gold Panda’s agility and skill in the studio. The effect of these songs is often hypnotic and captivating.” REVIEW BY “POP MATTERS”

“The Work finds Dicker in a seemingly more content but also more introspective place than ever, and his careful ventures into different sounds and styles prove that he isn’t starved for inspiration. It’s a shame that his first album in over half a decade doesn’t push his musical ideas a little further, and in some moments, The Work feels almost like an addendum to 2016’s Good Luck and Do Your Best, but the results are still undeniably affecting.”REVIEW BY “SLANT MAGAZINE”

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