Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2022

Gita Buhari

Loyal Motel Mozaïque visitors know Gita Buhari as a great homegrown soul talent. She was already at our festival in 2018, and last summer she was part of the Oerol x MOMO program. In recent years she has also visited Grasnapolsky, Tweetakt Festival, BIRD and Paradiso.

Queen of Nothing, the first EP by Buhari and her band, was released in 2020. Their combination of melancholy lyrics, dreamy guitar parts and subtle electronics was warmly welcomed by 3voor12 and 3FM. She is currently working on her next feat of arms, which she says will contain elements of trip hop, shoegaze and soul. She will play this new material live for the first time at the upcoming edition of MOMO Festival.

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