Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April


MOMO Festival 2023

Gardens Against Rage

Guides: Maidie, Tabitha, Mattijs

Welcome at our playground! Here you can release and transform your anger, using green trimmings and flowers from Rotterdam’s wild flora. A way to identify with your surroundings; a joyful collective creation to a peaceful existence!

In times of loss of biodiversity, capitalist geopolitics, unjust war, climate change, inequality, racism and other worldly problems we need to channel our strong emotions and get rid of our anger in a healthy way; this can be done by hammering our rage -and our unspoken emotions- about these issues, on the plant materials. We carefully place this floral wilderness on your fabric, where the plants leave a super detailed and colorful print. 

-BYO- Upcycle your own old, white pieces of clothing; buy our hand sewn linnen pieces or bring joy in our participatory artwork on linnen banners and identify with your natural surroundings. A collective botanical wave of MOMO’s peaceful solution to rage, once again showing nature’s opposite of destruction!

Days + times:
Friday 14th: ongoing at MOMO Playground 14:00  – 19:00
Saturday 15th: ongoing at MOMO Playground 12:00 – 19:00

Wheelchair accessibility: yes, Playground is accessible with a wheelchair
Language: English / Dutch – depending on participant group

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