Friday 2 September, Saturday 3 September, Sunday 4 September

MOMO Fabrique 2022


The alternative pop star Froukje is our main guest at MOMO Fabrique. Besides that, Froukje will give an intimate Rode Loper concert on Friday September 3 (sold out), she will perform with her band on all routes on Saturday September 4 and Sunday 5 (tickets are still available for this)

Froukje was only 18 years old when she presented herself at the beginning of 2020 with her single ‘Groter Dan Ik’ as one of the new promises of Dutch alternative pop. The single offers her danceable and self-written perspective on the current climate crisis and went viral on the internet which put her on the radar of the national media.

After that it went fast for Froukje: her single ‘Heb Ik Dat Gezegd’ went viral on TikTok, she has been a guest on several major talk shows, 3voor12 makes an impressive portrait about Froukje, and she was awarded a 3FM Talent Award and an ESNS Kickstart Award. Her first club tour is planned for the autumn, which is already completely sold out.

Her singles ‘Ik Wil Dansen’, ‘Onbezonnen’ and ‘Groter Dan Ik’ touch on relevant existential themes and are full of intriguing vocal lines, performed with a natural nonchalance but also with a sharp talent for melody. The singles are good for hundreds of thousands of views and millions of streams in a short time.

Check out her cool new single ‘Niets Tussen’ below and we’d love to see you during MOMO Fabrique!

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