François Chaignaud

Dum Moyi has had it with the dull, strict rules of classical, western theatre. There is no stage, no scenery. You choose when you want to come and watch, like a street performance or going to the cinema, you decide when you have the time. Chaignaud releases himself in invigorating rhythms from the Ukraine and twirls like a real derwisj in a sculpture like costume. Oh and booze, did we mention there will be booze?

Design and performance: François Chaignaud
Costumes: Romain Brau
Lights conception: Philippe Gladieux
Technical manager: Anthony Merlaud
Music advisor: Jérôme Marin
Soundtracks recording: Antoine Bernollin
Sound mix: Jean-Michel Olivares
Administration/production: Anne Reungoat, Jeanne Lefèvre, Céline Peychet
Diffusion: Sarah de Ganck/Art Happens

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