Thursday 21 April

MOMO Festival 2022


Fantoompijn total experience in Theater Rotterdam (Schouwburg)

Fantoonmpijn is a super sustainable clothing collection of fabrics from 100% recycled PET bottles designed by StudioKling & Logocomo. We are radically changing the goat wool socks image that still clings to sustainability with this collection. Our key words within Phantom Pain are Sustainability – the art of the Raven – Gender stereotyping – Art. The presentation of Phantom Pain in the Theater is a total experience; a fashion presentation through a club experience inspired by sustainability and gender stereotyping. In this way we introduce the public to the brand and the vision behind it. So not only with the collection, but through an event / performance / exhibition. This way we bring the value of our clothing to a higher level and the public will experience awareness about our keywords in a completely new way

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