Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April

Theater Rotterdam - Tuinkamer

MOMO Festival 2023

Tap Noir

Performance by Eraker & Schellekens

If you still think about musicals with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire when you think of tap dance, the performance Tap Noir will rapidly make you change your mind. In a dark world, inspired by noir movies and Japanese horror, tap dancer Helen Duffy plays an enigmatic installation of stroboscopes and sensory soundscapes. A deluge of optical illusions and alienating rhythms takes you on a surrealistic trip.

Tap Noir is the latest project by tap dancer and choreographer Janne Eraker and light and sound designer Jorg Schellekens. They place the rhythm and vocabulary of the tap in a context of exclusively stroboscopic light and electronic sound. The result is a provocative piece with a very unique shape.

Friday: 20:00-20:45 and 22:00-22:45
Saturday: 18:00-18:45 and 21:30-22:15

This performance includes sstrobing effects that may affect photosensitive viewers.

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