MOMO Festival

Emika (UK)

Today’s modern day composer can work in many different areas of sound with one click of a mouse. This is the single most influential factor in Emika’s artistic development. Thrilled by the means and ways technology offers to shape song writing, she chose a software studio as her instrument throughout her musical education and beyond. While Emika’s approach to composition evolved, she worked with Berlin’s legendary engineer Rashad Becker to craft the unique sound of her self-titled record which is out on Ninja Tune.

Emika is inspired by the roots of techno culture and dubstep from Bristol and London since 2004 when she lived in these cities because of its meditational bass vibes. These two influences twine together with her love of the great universal pop song, her abilities as a song writer, a classically-trained pianist and a singer, to make something completely unique.

Emika was born in the UK, of Czech heritage, and she now lives in Berlin where she works as a  a sound designer for Native Instruments.

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