Friday 14 April

22:00 - 00:30, Theater Rotterdam - Grote Zaal

MOMO Festival 2023

Elemental Exchange

Performance by Amenti Theatre Company

The Elemental Exchange of Amenti Theater Company is a dance event that focuses on improvisation and ‘encounters’ between dancers.

Various dancers, mainly from the urban scene, are invited to showcase their dance. This takes place in various forms, such as: solos, duets or in groups. Where there is often a battle in the urban scene, we want to remove this competition element and let the dancers inspire each other and the audience.

The participants are musically accompanied by a DJ through the various assignments and encounters. Each round contains a specific theme or assignment for the dancers to get the most out of their abilities and to enhance the unique experience even more.

The dancers’ background and skills are played with by the DJ and the preparation of the themes to ensure guaranteed highlights.

By giving the public the opportunity to vote for the dancer or combinations they would like to see dance together, we ensure an interactive evening in which everyone is just a little more involved. The Elemental Excange is a performance, an interactive program and a convergence of music, dance and surprising elements. Improvising encounters between dancers and the audience, which we crave so much in these times.

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