Friday 14 April

16:30 - 18:00, Roodkapje

MOMO 2023


The duality of life as a person whose parents come from different cultures can be confusing. In the documentary Doubleblooded, the makers search for the answers about identity: how do I find my place in between two cultures? 

During the last few years, Black Lives Matter has awakened many people and finally opened a new discourse, where there is room for everyone to find out who they are and what they need. For the documentary Doubleblooded, the makers Yuri Yabi Blaak and Zoë van Broekhoven set out on a journey to discuss their experiences with other double blooded people. How did they find the elements that define them? Do or did they have the feeling that they have to choose? Why do they feel fragmented? Where is home? Where do they belong? Who created these classified boxes where people want to put them in?

Throughout the making of this short documentary, the makers collected many different stories and perspectives which has helped them tremendously in their own process and they want to continue the conversation at MOMO Festival!

During MOMO Festival 2023 you can discover makers and artists with a bicultural background and dive into their world of their mixed identity. Find out more about our program “Unified”!

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