Friday 2 September

MOMO Festival 2023


London-based composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist, DoomCannon is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable artists in the contemporary jazz scene.

Together with his glorious band, the keyboardist delivered a debut album, Reinessance, that alternates chilled atmospheres and soft keys with distorted guitars and chaotic progressions. R&B patterns intertwine with math-rock and improvised jams.

But let’s not be fooled by instrumental music: throughout DoomCannon’s anthemic tracks you can breathe activist’s craftmanship. Spoken word samples, marching rhythms and chanting choirs evoke the movement of a protest, the fight against systemic injustice. Even when polyrhythms lend lushness to meditative moments and dreamy melodies, the sax’s silky timber shows some sort of societal resonance, like a sense of redemption and liberation.

Treblezine about the album: It is a testament as well to the power of the scene it emerged from and the musicians it contains, granting us another view at what seems like a near-endless bounty of deeply compelling and profoundly human musical work in the jazz idiom. It’s the kind of record that makes you feel lucky to be here now, perhaps the most important thing a record can do.

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