Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Gil the Grid & Stacii Samidin

Documentary: Homi Grandi

Two artists from Rotterdam soil have crossed paths for many moments in recent years. Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal, movement artist and Stacii Samidin, photo- and videographer and both inspirers for both young and old for all dimensions of the population. Authentic, creative, modest and always looking for depth. Both move both at home and abroad, touching the hearts of many people through their magical and above all honest art.

Together they created a documentary based on the life of Gil Gomes Leal. Gil has been playing in theaters for many years, is a regular guest in (TV) programs that give us the feeling that we know someone. However, there is much more to Gil’s life that not much is known about by the general public.

A journey of Gil as a child, in which the documentary takes us back to his roots in Cape Verde together with his family, to his birthplace in Spangen, Rotterdam to the entrepreneur, friend, artist and connection he is today. A story that connects dots, evokes recognition and makes you move in another.

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