Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

DJ Crisps


Rotterdam based DJ Crisps learned the craft of mixing from his older brothers and in the mid 90’s he started playing at clubs at a young age. He was at the beginning of 2step/garage in the Netherlands, having a residency at one of the biggest clubs (La Xala) at that time and playing next to guys like DJ Gomes, Steve Boomselecter and Jeremaine S.

Nowadays he spends a lot of time in the studio. He has been a serious bit of hot property the last 12 months with a shedload of big releases, including a series of EPs on Time is Now, as well as releases on Riz La Teef’s South London Pressings, ec2a and Breaks ’N’ Pieces to name a few. His production often nods towards darker, old school 2-step or weighty 4×4, but manages to stay smooth enough to enjoy on all occasions.

DJ Crisps has a real unique sound, with a lot of his productions effortlessly blending old school and nu school.

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