Friday 14 April

20:30 - 21:15, Rotown

MOMO Festival 2023


Have you met DIRK.? The geeky indie rock band scored two successful albums and a string of alternative chart-toppers.
Over the past two years they worked hard to become a close-knit four piece: the result can be heard on forthcoming new album ‘Idiot Paradise’, where DIRK. sounds more focused and ferocious, while at the same time exploring new musical territory and adding a touch of sheer international class and wit. The title track is 3 minutes of metronomically hypnotising indie, before shifting to a coda of crunchy riffs and thumping drums.

While being loyal to their indie and post-punk influences, of artists like Pavement, Pixies, Sonic Youth, the band has vividly grown in the past years: DIRK. now sounds more mature and melodic, but also colourful and playful.

“On ‘Idiot Paradise’ DIRK. succeeds even better, and with more balance, in gluing beautiful melodies with solid guitar work and a humming rhythm section. Where the finely tuned songs used to dare to play hide and seek, they can now prominently claim the foreground. In addition, DIRK. sounds nevertheless not less DIRK., on the contrary.” FROM ALBUM REVIEW BY DANSENDE BEREN

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