Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Dialogues of the North: Oud & Nieuw 2022

Guides: Dicle, Isabel, Pascalle

This is the expression the Dutch use to describe the New Year’s Eve, but this tour has nothing to do with that besides its aim to bring together the junctions of old and new architectural and social constructs of the city.  Join this tour to discover more about the urban renewal processes from locals’ perspectives together with the makers of USE-IT Rotterdam (an independent tourist map in the making). 

On this walking tour through the city we will explore where and how the old and new Rotterdam collide. Delve into the hidden stories of the northern neighbourhoods and its inhabitants as we walk past historical landmarks and hidden gems alike. Some hints: prison cells turned into homes, coffee underneath old train tracks, and a symbolic battle between the old Dutch snack bar and barista coffee.

Transport: Walking
Day: 23 April Saturday

All tours start at MOMO Playground at Schouwburgplein  

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