Devendra Banhart (cancelled)

To be honest: we’re kind of having a shitty day. It’s Monday, the sun is consumed by clouds and Devendra Banhart has cancelled his concert at MOMO17.

The past few days we’ve tried everything in our power to avoid this, but unfortunately: Due to Unforeseen Circumstances (with capital letters) Devendra has cancelled all his shows in April, including ours.

The good news is that we’re announcing a batch of new awesome names by tomorrow and our tears of sorrow will be soothed by knowing that Grandaddy, The Slow Show, Thundercat, Weyes Blood, Lisa Hannigan and Joep Beving will perform at Motel Mozaïque Festival 2017.

There are men with beards and there is Devendra Banhart. Eventhough its a bit more close cut these days, Banharts’ lighthearted sundown songs haven’t become any less hypnotising. On his last record, Ape in Pink Marble, the sun set just a little more but the associative, trippy hippie poetry of this freak folk guru remain as magnetic as before. The guitars twinkle, the first stars appear on the horizon and we like to pull you in a bit closer for some tenderness of the intimate kind.

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