• Thursday 00:00-01:00 TR: SCHOUWBURG - MAIN

MOMO Festival 2019

De Likt

After frontman Jordy Dijkshoorn was seriously injured in a street fight in 2017, it was uncertain what would happen to De Likt. Fortunately, even a broken cervical vertebra could not stop the Rotterdam formation.

The new album De Derde recorded Jordy with a neck brace and the return to the podium was just as overwhelming as we are used to from the three. In a sold out Maassilo De Likt proved they still had the recipe for pure chaos: a dozen bouncing beats, an unmistakable Rotterdam accent, hundreds of moshed fans and – not to mention – the glitter shorts of Jordy. We can not get enough of it, so the guys can come and redo it again at Motel Mozaique!


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