MOMO Festival

    De Dansers

    & Theater Strahl
    The Basement

    They live on the wrong side of the street, in de drain of the world. There where it’s dark and where you keep the door locked. You have to be tough, disciplined, and not afraid to stand your ground. If you let people come too close you will be overrun, hurt. The Basement is about young people who were forced to put a barrier up. Seven players, musicians and dancers who give their voice and their body. They are fickle and extreme. The theme is the process of disarmament where the barricades are taken down. “Maybe we can be friends, maybe.”

    Choreography and concept Wies Merkx
    Created with and performed by Carlos Aller, Guy Corneille, Daan Crone, Claire Lamothe, Enrico Paglialunga, Wannes de Porre, Josephine van Rheenen
    Original music (live) Guy Corneille, Daan Crone (La Corneille)


    Photo credits Joerg Metzner

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