MOMO Festival

Dan Mangan (CA)

In order to release his debut album ‘Postcards & Daydreaming’ independently, singer-songwriter Dan Mangan got a private bank loan. An investment that has surely paid off over the years: although the Canadian hasn’t had his definite international breakthrough yet, he has garnered a loyal fan base that stretches far beyond the borders of his homeland. ‘Oh Fortune’, Mangan’s latest achievement, received rave reviews from The Guardian, BBC and NME and Volkskrant-reviewer Robert Gijssel added the single ‘If I Am Dead’ to his top 11 roots songs of 2011.

“Packed with grandiose Grizzly Bear harmonies (highlight – ‘Rows of Houses’) and slow-building, orchestral touches (‘How Darwinian’), Oh Fortune spans a wider spectrum than its folky core might imply, adding a grandeur and a refreshing cerebral spin to proceedings.” – NME

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