MOMO Festival

Construction site tour: Parfum de BoemBoem

The construction site tour – or Parfum de BoemBoem. Rotterdam changes quickly and radically. Construction sites, cranes and wrecking balls create chaos in the streets and announce a new beginning. Skyscrapers rise quicker than their shadows, old buildings are torn down. The heart of the city transforms completely to a place where living, working and leisure come together. With titillating routes along construction sites, we tempt you to witness the changes in the city.

We will visit al least two construction site, a.o. the new underground bike shelter at the central station and the former ‘Stadskantoor’ where we did a very special project with Kyteman in 2010.

When and where?

Saturday April 6th 11:30. Duration: 2,5 hours. The tour starts at Plaza Mozaique (Schouwburgplein). Participation for ticketholders (All-day or Saturday ticket) only. Reservation recommended and is now possible: send an e-mail to routes(at)motelmozaique.nl with the subject line ‘construction site tour’, specify for how many people you would like to make a reservation. Register quickly, there is a limited number of places!

Besides the extended Parfum de BoemBoem edition we will organize small versions as well. Guides will take you on a tour of one hour, waiting for you on Saturday April 6th on 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 and 17:30. You can subscribe to these as well.

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