Cecilia Moisio (NL)

How far do we go in search of social contact? Are new technologies and concepts such as Facebook, Twitter and speed dating good ways to fend off loneliness, or are we losing ourselves in our quest for love? These are the questions Cecilia Moisio poses in het performance Hi! My Name Is…, where movement, live music and text illustrate just how frustrating and confusing the need for contact and intimacy within our modern society can be. Two dancers and three musicians explore themes of loneliness and group behavior in an dynamic way.

Apart from her work as a danser with WArd / waRD, Cecilia Moisio has worked as a choreographer with production company Dansmakers Amsterdam since 2009. In her work, she translates the conflict between the human mind and the body to movement and text.


Cecilia Moisio – concept, choreography, text, performer
Erin Harty – performer
Jonne Kuusito – performer (Urbaanilegenda), text
Ossi Valpio – performer (Urbaanilegenda), text
Joni Vanhanen – performer (Urbaanilegenda), text, music
Vincent Wijlhuizen – perfoming advice
Suzy Blok – artistic advice
Maaike Res – production
Wijnand Moeken – light design and technique

This performance is presented by the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

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