Campsite Mozaique

Did you ever sleep on a roof? From a national monument? In a tent? The sleeping project of the Motel Mozaique 2012 festival takes place on the roof of the Hofbogen, where we did the project Perron Mozaique in 2007 (see photo). On this spot we will create Campsite Mozaique where participants in the project will spend the night in little tents. These tents are of course ready for visitors when they arrive at the campsite. Tickets for the sleeping project on Friday 20 or Saturday 21 April cost 25 euros, breakfast included, and are now available in our online ticketshop.

Perron Mozaique 2012
Besides the sleeping project several other activities will take place on the roof of the Hofbogen during the Motel Mozaique festival: A concert from De Avonduren, performance by Wunderbaum, guided tours, and various other activities with partners IABR, ZUS and ZigZagCity.

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