MOMO Festival

broeder Dieleman (NL)

Broeder Dieleman’s name is actually Tonnie. He comes from a small village in Zeeland, but went to the big city Middelburg. There he works as a programmer of the pop podium Spot and he is a well known figure in the ‘Middelburgse’ pop scene. Dieleman’s own musical ambitions are modest: he recorded a debut album called ‘Alles is ijdelheid’ (All is vanity). An album full with sparsely arranged songs about Zeeland, about his mother, about the job he ever had at a graveyard. Songs about little daydreams and major developments. Is it very serious then? Not really. Broeder Dieleman makes relativistic jokes and is not afraid to swear a little. His music is sophisticated. He flirts with Zeeland-romance. Broeder Dieleman – who really impressed recently at the festivals Le Guess Who? and Noorderslag – prefers simplicity, emotion and a good ambiance.


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