MOMO Festival

Brasstronaut (CA)

The Canadian band Brasstronaut started as a duo in 2008 but has become a six-member band by now. Brasstronaut released its debut album ‘Mount Chimaera’ in 2010 and their second album ‘Mean Sun’ last year. Although the latest album is a bit more ‘poppy’ than the first one, it still is an experimental album that is hard to label.

“Think of a very nice xenogamy of the soft songs of Prefab Sprout, Peter Bjorn And John and Belle And Sebastian, the mysterious ambient of Sigur Rós, the sung post-rock of Gravenhurst, the special baroque-pop/indie of Arcade Fire, the dark sound of Portishead, the avant-pop of Ramona Falls and the psychedelic textures of Pink Floyd. Then you’re not quite there yet, but you get an idea.” – the subjectivisten.

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