Black Country, New Road

23 april 2021

Black Country, New Road are one of the most intriguing and exciting new bands in the UK. Intelligent, autonomous and determined, the seven piece band work as a collective musical unit; reinterpreting and reshaping a vast array of influences and experiences. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is given undue priority in the greater creative scheme of things. This collective and democratic way of working has allowed them to sidestep the usual industry hype and expectation.

Now busy making a second album, Black Country, New Road gives a glimpse into their world, courtesy of Motel Mozaique’s Create & Perform programme. Create & Perform throws an intimate spotlight on how the passing, unseen moments lead incrementally to the public performance we all see: the brain storming, the motivations, the sources of inspiration, the way the songs take shape… 

To make a framework of sorts in these distanced times, questions were sent on tape, courtesy of BC,NR & MOMO friend, the British music writer and artist, Richard Foster. Answers will be seen on the forthcoming video which is part of the MOMO Create & Perform live-stream on April 23.

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