BITTER presents…

C00, Noemi Calzavara, Wessel Boot & Nick Mansveld

In their brand new location, the Keilecafé team presents a program in BITTER for the first time. A special program in which music by C00, light art by Nick Mansveld and dance by Wessel Boot & Noemi Calzavara come together in this unique place.

C00 & Noemi Calzavara

C00 is a N0ise Cr3at0R & researcher. C works with the idea of ​​improvisation and that first moments are the basis of real creations and authenticity. Each live show can only be experienced once and is not repeated. This series of live performances are part of her LIV3 LIV3 D3BUT. The 0rder Underc0ver in the Entropic Riddom  is one of many inter-dimensional and intra-disciplinary projects she does together with dancer and sister Noemi Calzavara. Together they combine work and energies in the many faces of this simulation.

Nick Mansveld

The nights that Nick Mansveld spent at Trouw Amsterdam back in the day, is what made him discover light as an immersive experience. He became inspired as an artist to work with light in this mesmerising way. With his light installations Nick conducts research into narratives. His power of storytelling comes from his education in film. With a light installation he developed himself, he will provide the performance with light and dark.

Wessel Boot

Born on a boat, raised at sea. Wessel Boot is a dancer graduated from Codarts. In recent years he has worked as a dancer and dance teacher on various projects. At the beginning of last year, his team, for whom he worked as a ballet teacher, won the national championship for gymnastics in Spain. Now he is converting a van that he and his partner want to use to travel around, building dance classes, shows and projects with various communities around the world. From nothing to something with the people.

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