Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2022

Billy Nomates

“Few artists are as refreshingly direct as Billy Nomates,” The Guardian wrote in 2020. Indeed, the first single the one-woman band from Leicestershire ever released is simply called “No”.

The following debut album was produced by Geoff Barrow (Portishead), who wisely opted for catchy, yet understated post-punk and electronic productions, so that the lyrics are given the space they deserve. Because whether Billy Nomates makes fun of the oat milk elite (If I had all that money in my pocket / Drink all that local beer and ride that eco rocket), or vents her heart about a mind-numbing office job (Iʼm envious of that ass kissing stamina or yours / Well I canʼt keep up / By Monday evening Iʼm on all fours), she always comes out razor sharp.

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