Saturday 15 April

22:30 - 00:00, Theater Rotterdam - Grote Zaal

MOMO 2023

Big Thief

With their warm and personal, and unique indie sound, it is safe to say Big Thief is at the start of a climax. The American band Big Thief is one of the most consistent and productive alt folk bands around. A great addition to our festival line up, being a well known gem for the indie fans and a hidden gem for a new generation of Motel Mozaique festival visitors. Big Thief fits perfectly into our tradition of programming artists that are on the verge of a grand breakthrough. After two releases in 2019, several solo projects in 2020, they came back with a new ambitious LP in 2022: Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You. 

Singer and songwriter Adrianne Lenker is under a constant state of inspiration. Her heartwarming lyrics and striking melodies prove to be one of a kind, more and more with every new record, and they shine even brighter in the live dimension. Lenker and band are gifted performers who can deliver the most emotional and intimate rendition of their indie folk songs, but also turn them into compelling psychedelic rock or shoegaze jams.

With the warm and unique sound of Big Thief, we follow the tradition for MOMO festival editions, where we always look for new and known sounds within the genre, combining it with surprising acts of other genres. We could not have imagined a more beautiful soundtrack as our first announcement. We cannot wait!

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