Beardyman (gb)

BBC called this twotimed UK Beatboxer Champion ‘King of Sound and Ruler of Beats’. On stage  the London Darren Foreman combines his beatboxing skills with live looping technology resulting in abstract improvised DJ sets.

“What I sound like depends on how i feel at the time, what i’ve been listening to, what is suggested to me, who i’m playing with, their mood, what the audience is like, the stage of the evening, the stage, the ambience, momentary whims, whether I’m having a fat day or a thin day, the political climate in the world, whether I’ve taken my pills, how much sleep i’ve gotten the night before, how drunk I am, if there are any real heads in da buildin, whether I’ve just had a curry, how well southend united are doing etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.” -Beardyman

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