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BC Camplight (US)

The maverick songwriter BC Camplight (real name: Brian Christinzio) likes writing songs with a lot of layered melodies, adding quite a lot of references to analog synth pop and loves combining it with a Belle & Sebastian-like playfulness.

Unfortunately, after the release of his first two records released in 2005 and 2007, BC Camplight sort of disappeared. He did play live with The War On Drugs several times and guested on Sharon von Etten’s record Epic, but he did not release a record for a long time. Until the record label Bella Union, also the home label of Beach House, John Grant and Fleet Foxes, found out about this genius of a writer, piano player and singer. At January 16 2015, a reborn BC Camplight will come back with his third record How To Die In The North, according to Bella Union ‘a fantastically rich, stylistically diverse trip. From dramatic, layered pop to a haunted take on Sixties sunshine-pop, from blue-eyed soul to speedy surf-pop, from sparser piano balladry to psychedelic showstoppers and a grand finale that’s part Nilsson and part Broadway showtune.’

You can already listen to soulful teaser track Just Because I Love You and it will make you wonder where the rest of the trip is heading for…


https://www.facebook.com/BCCamplightMusic?fref=ts https://twitter.com/bccamplight

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