MOMO Festival

Bad Breeding (UK)

The members of Bad Breeding were raised in Stevenage, a tiny village that is situated 40 miles north of central London. Their debut single Age Of Nothing is about their tedium lives in that town: “living in a town where nothing really happens, except nothingness itself”.

These lyrics are caustically sung by lead vocalist Christopher Dodd and get accompanied by ruthless punk rock. The result is an aggressive confrontation that will disconcert you completely in a comfortable and pleasing way. That’s why it’s simply impossible to ignore Bad Breeding.

Brand new, self-released single Chains turns your world upside down in just one and a half minutes. The release date of the band’s debut record has not been announced yet… but you probably won’t get bored with these two singles for the next few months.

“F**k genres, the future is all about feeling… as is music… always was and always will be. Yes, these are a heavy band and they will shake your foundations to the ground…” (live review by Music Earth Rise)


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