Thursday 21 April

MOMO Festival 2022


Radio Worm presents

The Rotterdam based artist duo who are structuring their sonic space with low drone frequencies, ambient and subtle noise interventions. The soundscapes are shading from warm harmonics and maternal voices to wailing cries and creaking sounds of rusty ships. They are framed around experimental electronics, elevated with unique self built instrument and powered by the intake of painful loneliness from the perception of a reptile.

Both of them are coming from visual art backgrounds, they met during their master studies @Piet Zwart Institute and since then they are colouring space via synesthetics as more they immerse within their sonic understanding.

During this improvised set where different apparatus and minds are merged together they focus on calling out instinctive tones and reproducing the sounds of a dark forest to create a sphere in this actual space. Ana’s amplified, self built —string-spring— instrument lays down a broad carpet for Henrietta’s distant storytelling.

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