• Friday 21:45-22:30 BAR - Main

MOMO Festival 2019



A 21-year-old art student and an popular producer and sound engineer who previously worked with Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs and David Byrne: on paper audiobooks may seem like an unlikely duo. However, the hypnotizing voice of Evangeline Ling over the contagious synthbeats of David Wrench turns out to be a golden combo.

They met each other on a party of a mutual friend and immediately were inseparable: they were already jamming together one day later. Last year they released their debut album Now! (in a minute), filled with lightly strange, energetic synthpop. “Mind-boggling. And sexy. And filthy, and full of mischief” The Quietus wrote about their third (!) liveshow ever.

“Like Mark E Smith, she offers glimpses of other worlds, grubby places behind closed doors, snatches of sinister conversations often in an unfamiliar language.” – The Quietus


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