Saturday 2 September

16:30 - 17:30, Arminius

MOMO 2023

Arny Margret

Music keeps evolving and changing and yet there are music genres that are always able to escape trends and maintain their pure beauty. Take Arny Margret’s acoustic folk for instance: with classic melodies, chord progressions and fingerpicking guitar, she’s able to convey an eternal feeling of peace and warmth.

The 20 year old Icelandic singer-songwriter paints beautiful and yet painful images inspired by her personal experiences and surroundings. Through the songs of her compelling debut album They only talk about the weather one can almost experience how it is to live in an isolated place, surrounded by tall mountains that block the sun for a few months every year.

In the solemn solitude of Iceland’s darkest months, Margret found a welcome escape in her guitar, discovering songwriting as the clearest way to express herself. “When you’re with yourself, or by yourself, you just say everything you have to say, and you’re so honest. It just comes out.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “THE LINE OF BEST FIT”

Arny Margret once again enthralls with her wistful, emotive folk. This album bears remarkable familiarity and comfort, while the added musical flourishes are welcome – serving only to embolden her already great music further. FROM ALBUM REVIEW BY “EVERYTHING IS NOISE”

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