Friday 2 September, Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022


PREVIEW Love Songs for a Shooting Star

He’s not from outer space, but from Venezuela. Either way, ARIAH LESTER would be the ideal entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024. He has the songs, the voice and the moves. More importantly, he has a message.

Let this intergalactic star take you on a show that explores the love affair between humans, music and planets. Pop, jazz, Venezuelan folk and opera. Inspired by Gustav Holst’s suite “The Planets” and the lyrics “The Man of Understanding” by Franklin Jones (aka Adi Da Samraj), ARIAH brings a collection of songs that will take you from a burning hell through the gateway of cosmic love.

The charismatic performer ARIAH LESTER is quickly making waves internationally. With his clear countertenor, he guides his audience into a world where one reality passes almost imperceptibly into another. In 2017 he won the Sabam Youth Theatre Prize at Theater Aan Zee and in 2019 he received a nomination for the BNG Bank Theatre Prize.

After THE GATE and VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s Journey] RevolutionS, Love Songs for a Shooting Star is Lester’s third production under the auspices of Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam in coproduction with O. as part of Fonds Podiumkunsten’s new maker’s grant.

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