Andra Day

Small change in our timetble: Andra Day will perform at 20:00 instead of 17:00 on Saturday April 9th! Venue is still Annabel

Back in 2012 Andra posted a series of covers on Youtube, went viral and landed a record deal with Warner Bros Records. Her sound is what she calls a retro-pop-soul sound, a blend of jazz, soul, doo-wop, plus a little bit of rock, and hip-hop on the underbelly. Three years later she makes her debut with Cheers The Fall (2015) and she is described as scion of Amy Winehouse and possessed by the ghost of Billie Holiday. Day’s own vulnerability shines trough on tracks like ‘Gold’, where she laments cheating on an ex. A woman who is not afraid to tell her story.

Photo credits Myriam Santos

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