Thursday 13 April, Friday 14 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Amenti Theatre Company

Premiere: Nom.Nos

The prolific collaboration with Amenti continues with a new premiere during MOMO Festival 2023: Nom.Nos.
The title of the performance, meaning ‘Name Us’, evokes many people’s research of their origins and roots. The original name of many people was left behind by their colonial past with the surnames of the settlers.

What splendour can be found in the rituals and ceremonies of the countries of origin? Created by Gil The Grid, “Nom.nos” is inspired by and has a focus on the West African diaspora: myths, traditions and tribes of these cultures connect to the contemporary existence through archetypal and universal stories.

Through dance and puppetry, the performers will make connections with their ancestors and seek connection between themselves as a group. Ulrike Quade Company’s strong visual vision combines with the unique movement art of Amenti Theatre Company, providing a performance that brings magic to life. The performance also looks critically at world’s history and shines a light on the Dutch and global colonial past, sharing empathy with the audience.

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