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AM & Shawn Lee (US/UK)

Rolling Stone (France) wrote this great review on the debut abum by AM & Shawn Lee, and it says it all!

“The fruit of a transatlantic collaboration, this album is the friendly witness of an original music experience. English Shawn Lee is together again with American AM, who he had invited to play on “Ping Pong Orchestra” in 2010, on tracks exchanged by file-sharing from their respective homes. Guitariste and indie-pop songwriter, AM adds a Californian way to his melodies, like his sweet and incredible voice, on top of the lighthearted rhythms provided by his Londonian friend, a master in vintage sounds. Their synthetic retro-pop, inspired by ‘70s film music, depends on the catchy base lines, illuminated with guitars and keys with psychedelic effects. Hippie-funk, soft rock, disco groove…their multiple influences give Celestial Electric atmospheres as dreamy as dancing. Phoenix, Air, and Charlotte Gainsbourg are already fans!”

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