Friday 14 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Alternative future: re-imagine the city!

Guides: Niamh Reith, Gijs Slinger, Merlijn Mollinga, David Marcinek

Rotterdam loves gentrification. Rotterdam’s policymakers love to perceive our city as a money making machine. Announcements of fancy redevelopments make for good publicity, beautiful promises and slick architectural renderings, but, once realised, how do these redevelopments actually influence day to day urban life? Who actually gets to live in these proposed ‘urban upgrades’? The city is being developed in the Stadhuis and often without any or little consideration for the existing urban qualities and local desires. This has recently happened at the Museumpark and Schieblock, places filled with life that are now being reduced to one-dimensional ‘prestige projects’. With the Zomerhofkwartier (ZOHO) being next on the list of locations that will suffer the same fate as these previous places, we would like to invite you to think: how could we develop this place differently? What would this part of our beloved Rotterdam look like if it were up to you? Let’s re-imagine Zomerhofkwartier together!

Walking tour + workshop 

Days + times: Friday 14th: 15:00 – 17:00

Wheelchair accessibility: no 

Language: English / Dutch – depending on participant group

All tours will start at MOMO playground. The location of MOMO Playground is still TBA, and will be communicated via email and on our socials very soon!

A sold out tour sometimes has places available after all. Stop by our guided tours desk at MOMO Playground for more information if you would still like to join a tour.

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