Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Alicia Breton Ferrer + Euroboy

In retrospect, it was probably only a matter of time before Alicia Breton Ferrer (The Sweet Release of Death, Neighbours Burning Neighbours) and Doortje Hiddema (Euroboy, Real Derek, Rats on Rafts) would find each other. Consider this: both are beloved names in the Rotterdam underground, both released their solo projects on Subroutine, and both have a penchant for noise, post-punk and shoegaze. 

This year sees the release of their joint album Sacrificial Chanting Mood. They themselves describe it as a musical chain letter: during the pandemic they were constantly sending each other snippets and drafts back and forth. Their first single ‘Reading Glasses’ was described by 3voor12 as ‘a combination of the understated chatty-singing post-punk of Dry Cleaning and Lewsberg, with a noisy edge, and such disorienting melodies that it feels like the room is spinning around you’.

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