• Friday 23:00-00:00 ARMINIUS

MOMO Festival 2018

Alela Diane

folk / americana

Ever since Alela Diane released her Pirate’s Gospel in 2007, her soothing timbre has been there to cure us from broken heart to hangovers.

On her new album Cusp (listen at Spotify below), the queen of the finger picked guitar sings of lullabies and young motherhood. For this she ‘locked’ herself up for three weeks in a cabin surrounded by snow, with nothing but a wood stove, her guitar and a piano (when a broken fingernail obstructed her to play the guitar). And for this we salut her!

“A finely-weighted soundtrack of piano-led chamber pop”
– Q Magazine –

Please note! Alela Diane’s performance at the Motel Mozaique Festival has been rescheduled from Saturday 21st of April to Friday 20th of April. All buyers of a Saturday-ticket (we know a lot of Alela Diane fans are among them) for Festival MOMO will receive an email about the change and will be offered an upgrade to 2-day tickets or a ticket swap.



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